Three generations of women who give

Three generations of women who give

There are remarkable women everywhere at Lifeblood, from the research labs to the donor chairs. We’re shining a spotlight on an inspiring donor for International Women’s Day.

Fatima and her family’s Lifeblood Team are a staple at The Shire Donor Centre near Sydney. In fact, they have a habit of overflowing their own group booking!

“We put ten in one centre and ten in the next. If we’re lucky enough to have extras, we send them out to Liverpool, Parramatta, or Town Hall.”

Fatima believes they’ve created a mini family, but it’s the donors themselves who make it happen. “I get all the credit, but honestly, they do all the work.”

“You get to help absolutely anyone and everyone in Australia. You don’t even know their name. You’re a secret hero.”

Fatima might consider herself a secret hero, but we think she’s a bona fide, headline-worthy superhero.

Not only is she a loyal donor — she’s given blood 17 times! — but she’s studying to be a nurse and finding even more ways to give back (did we mention she helps out at homeless charities, too?).

It started with the incredible women who raised her.

“The women were so strong. We continue to stand on the shoulders of giants and hope that others will do the same on our shoulders,” she reflects. And she’s not wrong. From her grandma who makes pizzas to take to the donor centre every day (and has been donating for five years), to the aunt who got the family together to donate after one of their darkest times, there are strong women everywhere.

The Hassan (Toots) Elzein Lifeblood Team was started by her aunt 6 years ago, when tragedy hit and Fatima’s brother passed away.

“We all began donating in memory of Hassan. I remember hearing that he lost a lot of blood while he was in hospital. He put up a really good fight. Now we donate and pray that the next time someone is fighting for their life, they win.”

Finding a way to give back made a huge difference to Fatima and her family. And now, they get to celebrate every donation surrounded by family — and with homemade pizza, of course.

You can make a life-changing impact, too.

Giving blood is quick, easy, and incredibly rewarding. And, if you donate this March you’ll get a limited-edition bandage designed by Aussie icon Jenny Kee to celebrate International Women’s Day.

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