This is when certain products are identified for specific reasons and it’s made sure these products are not transfused until the quarantine is removed.
The quarantine occurs in two main areas which are the laboratory and at Lifeblood.

Reasons for laboratory-initiated quarantine

  • Certain units within inventory, or designated units that are delivered, are to be ‘quarantined’ or reserved for a specific patient.
  • Unusual appearance of blood components or plasma-derived products, or an identified problem with the product (e.g. out of temperature range during transport, positive direct antiglobulin testing (DAT).

Reasons for Lifeblood-initiated quarantine

  • Out of specification transport of blood components or plasma-derived products (may be indicated by a flashing data logger).
  • A single donor recall, initiated when a donor reports an illness after the collection date, or when another patient who has received product from the same donor has had a reaction or infection.
  • A process-related recall, initiated when there has been non-conformance with procedures or a defect is suspected in critical materiel used in the manufacture or testing of blood components and products.

If Lifeblood instructs your laboratory to quarantine blood components, please follow the direction of the Quality Manager from Lifeblood, or their delegate, to ensure quarantined components are not transfused.