iTransfuse App

The first of its kind in the world, this innovative app complements the existing range of resources for everything you need to know about blood and transfusion at any stage of career.

The iTransfuse App promotes safe, appropriate and evidence-based transfusion by providing bedside access to transfusion education tools and resources.

It includes information to support the prescription of red cells and platelets, diagnostic information about transfusion reactions, and much more.

The app was developed following extensive consultation with junior medical officers (JMOs) to find out what tools would be best suited to their needs.

Illustration with a woman on a mobile phone

The following tools and resources can be found in the app:

  • Prescribing red cells, platelets and plasma
  • Warfarin reversal
  • Diagnosis and management of transfusion reactions
  • Checklists for administration of blood components
  • Maternity blood management
  • Blood volume calculator
  • Resources library

Where to find it

Download iTransfuse from the App Store or Google Play.