Blood components

Red cells

When most of the plasma is removed from a blood donation, we’re left with the red cells which can be used to treat anaemia.

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Platelets are either collected as part of a whole blood donation or by apheresis. One apheresis donation can make up to three doses of platelets.

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Fresh frozen plasma (FFP)

Usually used for patients with coagulopathy who are at risk of bleeding, fresh frozen plasma (FFP) can be taken from a whole blood donation or apheresis.

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Cryodepleted plasma

Cryodepleted plasma is what’s left after the cryoprecipitate is taken out. It’s a practical alternative to FFP in some cases.

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Cryoprecipitate is taken from thawed frozen plasma, and used in some patients at risk of critical bleeding.

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Some blood components are modified, including washing, testing, freezing, irradiation, phenotyping, HLA compatible and splitting components.

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