Inventory management

illustration of a monitor with a large red blood droplet on the screen
National inventory template (NIT)

The NIT is used to collect and report Lifeblood and transfusion laboratories’ blood component inventory levels and to communicate availability of blood components to transfusion laboratories.

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illustration of a map of australia with a person holding a large red blood droplet
National blood supply contingency plan (NBSCP)

The NBSCP produced by the National Blood Authority provides a national process for managing critical shortages in the supply of blood product.

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illustration of a man holding a large red blood droplet with an exclamation symbol in a yellow circle over it
Monitoring wastage

Hospitals and laboratories can implement a number of strategies to reduce wastage of blood products.

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illustration of a doctor wearing a white coat with a stethoscope around their neck
Non-conforming products

The issue of unscreened, partially screened or non-conforming product will only be warranted in circumstances where the potential harm of not being transfused is significantly outweighed by the potential risk.

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illustration of two people standing next to a shield with a check mark on it

The practice of identifying certain products for specific reasons, and ensuring these products are not transfused until the quarantine is removed.

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illustration of a blood transport truck with a red blood droplet symbol on the side of it
Emergency provision of red cells

In emergency situations, it’s important for individuals requesting a transfusion to clearly inform the laboratory staff of the urgency of transfusion.

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illustration of a patient lying on a stretcher with a doctor standing beside them, a ceiling lamp is above them
Maximum surgical blood order schedules (MSBOS)

Routine use of ‘Group and screen' (wherever possible), a MSBOS and monitoring crossmatch-to-transfusion (C/T) ratios are all helpful in preventing unnecessary expiry of blood.

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