Antibody Register

The Antibody Register contains information about Western Australian patients and donors that have red cell antibodies detected in routine testing performed by Lifeblood or approved pathology providers.

The information in the register is secure and is used to assist in red cell antibody identification in the clinical setting.

Providing timely access to this information enables the provision of appropriate blood for transfusion and reduces the risk of delay in supply and/or haemolytic transfusion reactions, improving the safety and quality of transfusion outcomes for patients.

Lifeblood works with participating hospital and private laboratories to maintain the register.

Access the Antibody Register (authorised users only)

System Administrator contact details

During business hours (08:00 – 17:00 WST)

(08) 9421 2834 (Primary contact)

(08) 9421 2864 (Secondary contact)

Outside of business hours (17:00 – 08:00 WST), for urgent requests only, please contact Red Cell Reference on-call via Order Fulfilment.