illustration of three red blood droplets with a white letter on each, the first is A second is O and third is B
Blood groups

Blood group systems are necessary to identify suitable products for transfusion. The clinically most important are ABO and Rh.

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illustration of two antigens
Antigens and antibodies

Safe transfusion of blood and blood products is dependent on a solid understanding of blood cell antigens and their corresponding antibodies.

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illustration of a large red blood droplet with two people standing next to it
Red cell compatibility calculator

This calculator determines the number of ABO matched donor units a blood service or hospital transfusion laboratory would need to test to find compatible blood for a patient with red cell antibodies.

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illustration of a red blood droplet with a magnifying glass over it with a question mark
Red cell phenotype calculator

This calculator allows the user to select a specific red cell phenotype from any combination of blood group systems and calculate the frequency of that combination in the general population.

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illustration of a woman holding red and yellow droplets in each hand
Donation testing

Australia has one of the safest blood supplies in the world. Lifeblood’s laboratories carry out a range of tests on all donations.

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illustration of a scientist standing next to a large microscope
Red cell reference

Our Red Cell Reference Service provides an internationally recognised scientific and diagnostic service to support transfusion practice and clinical need. Their primary role is to determine red cell phenotypes and antibodies to help find the most suitable specialised blood component for each patient.

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illustration of a woman riding a bicycle with a red cartoon heart in the basket
Transplantation and immunogenetics services

This expert team delivers agile and efficient transplantation and immunogenetics diagnostic testing services and scientific expertise for solid organ and stem cell transplants and platelet and neutrophil immunobiology diagnostics across the country.

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