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Australia's lifeblood

A name that lives depend on.

At Lifeblood, we're here for all Australians - all 24 million of you. And although our life-giving role started 90 years ago with blood donations, today we support more people in more ways than ever before. 

About Lifeblood

What our donors say

“I love that feeling of joy from helping someone out; that my blood has made a difference to another person's life.”

Jackie, blood donor

“It was a really easy experience, in that you show up, everything’s ready to go, the nurses will help walk you through what’s involved.”

Manik, plasma donor

“It's my way of giving to the community — I don't get much time to volunteer but I can always find time to donate blood.”

Nicola, blood donor

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Your donation is as essential as ever.


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We’re saving lives in all kinds of amazing ways

Hear what our recipients have to say

Gennaro's story

After leukaemia turned Gennaro’s life upside-down, donated blood and platelets helped him stay strong and survive.

Miranda’s story

When Lifeblood helped match Miranda to a donor heart, her excruciating wait was over. Now, she has a new heartbeat and a new lease on life.

Flynn's story

When little Flynn arrived much earlier than expected, donated breast milk helped him and his family through those tough first weeks.

Our donors 
are changing
more lives 

than ever.

Australians gave more than

blood donations in the past year

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