Non-conforming products

The issue of unscreened, partially screened or non-conforming product will only be warranted in circumstances where the potential harm of not being transfused is significantly outweighed by the potential risk.

These may include circumstances of significant risk of death or harm to a patient unless unscreened, partially screened or non-conforming products, are utilised.

The decision for such use ultimately lies with the treating physician, as does the responsibility to obtain informed consent, as appropriate.

A Lifeblood Medical Officer will discuss the issue with the treating physician to ensure they are fully informed regarding the lack of screening or non-conformance and of associated risks.

The product will be labelled appropriately and accompanied by a disclaimer, a copy of which is faxed to the treating physician at the location where the product is issued.

Wherever non-tested or partially-tested product is released, a Lifeblood Medical Officer will ensure follow-up of retrospective testing.