An anti-D tale of maternal magic

An anti-D tale of maternal magic

Inspired by her mum, anti-D donor Robyn unwittingly became the hero of her own family when her daughter Hannah needed the treatment during pregnancy.

Robyn’s selfless act

Robyn was inspired to donate blood by her mum and dad who were both regulars. Currently working in medical research and with a background as a registered nurse, she’s also been behind the scenes, administering blood transfusions in emergency situations.

Interest in blood goes way back for Robyn, who remembers learning about RhD (the part of your blood that can be positive or negative) incompatibility in high school science class, and when she became a blood donor Robyn discovered her blood type was RhD negative. 

photo of robyn in a donor centre seated in a chair and smiling

But what does that have to do with anti-D? When an RhD negative mum carries an RhD positive baby, her immune system might attack the baby’s blood cells. This is where anti-D comes in. Anti-D immunoglobulin injections, made from plasma donated by a small group of people, safeguard RhD positive babies.

Without anti-D, a woman’s next RhD positive baby could suffer from haemolytic disease of the foetus and newborn (HDFN) which can be fatal.

Although she never needed anti-D herself, knowing that any of her three daughters might need it one day motivated Robyn to join the exclusive club of around 115 donors who regularly give blood as part of our anti-D program.

Hannah’s journey

As a first-time mum, Hannah was conscious about the risks that come with pregnancy. Luckily, she had her mum, Robyn, to teach her about anti-D.

Even before knowing that she needed it, Hannah was confident in the effectiveness of anti-D injections. What’s even cooler was the thought that the injection she received could have been from her own mum.

Image of three women and a baby boy smiling

“I really commend people (like my mum) who donate plasma because without them you wouldn't have that ability to feel so safe during your pregnancy,” said Hannah.

 As a donor herself, she also knew how impactful each donation can be in saving up to three lives.

“There's only so many things that you can do to give back to the community and, outside of donating money, I think donating blood is certainly something that you can do very easily and really give back to the society that we live in,” she said.

If Robyn’s generosity and Hannah’s full-circle moment has ignited a passion in you for donating plasma, book a donation today