Spotlight on the IAG Lifeblood Team

Spotlight on the IAG Lifeblood Team

Lifeblood Teams is a way for workmates, friends, team mates and communities to make a difference by giving blood.

Insurance Australia Group are in the business of helping Australians when something unexpected happens. What better way to take this beyond insurance than by banding together to protect the community and save lives?

After all, IAG’s purpose is “to make your world a safer place”. 

They’re donating more and more every year.

Since joining Lifeblood Teams in 2019, IAG keep knocking it out of the park. In just three years, they’ve gone from 683 donations in a year, to being well on their way to their target of 1,100 in 2021.

montage of 9 selfies of the IAG team after donating

So, we wanted to know how they did it (and they let us in on their secret).

When 2020 hit and everyone started to work from home, IAG wanted to focus on keeping people connected. Centralising their communication channels was a great place to start — which also made promoting blood donation a breeze. They encourage their team to post photos and share their stories on their dedicated intranet and Yammer page.

“There’s so much inspiration and power in the story telling… We hear so many stories of people being grateful for us encouraging and motivating them to register and book appointments, so they can feel the pride of saving lives.”
-    Renai Neeves, Lead, Program Enablement (Acting) and Co-chair for the IAG Lifeblood Teams Program

It all starts with a plan.

IAG uses executive sponsors who advocate for the program across the business and encourage their people to use their Volunteer Leave for donations. Working alongside them is a team of engaged Champions who meet monthly to share ideas on how best to get the word out and rally the troops. It’s their job to set the game plan and decide what they want to achieve. The annual October Blood Drive is the perfect example of seeing the plan come together: a communication takeover organisation wide, activation events, competitions and more, has seen this activity go from strength to strength.

The team is aiming high this year. For the first time ever, they’re in for a spot on the podium in the Financial Services Blood Challenge. It’s an exciting time at IAG!

We hope IAG can keep kicking goals in the Challenge!

There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition. If you are keen to get involved, IAG’s advice to you is:

  1. Find a communication channel that works for your people.
  2. Build a plan for the year. Know what you want to achieve and create steps to get there.
  3. Build a network of stakeholders to help you achieve your goals. Knowing the right people is key.
  4. Celebrate your success! The best advertising is word of mouth; real stories are priceless.

You can join your Lifeblood Team (or start a new one) online, or book a solo donation instead.