International Plasma Awareness Week 2022

collage of the 12 blood type tattoo designs each representing a blood type

Get your artist-designed blood type tattoo

  1. Book a plasma, blood or platelet donation for a date in October
  2. Go and donate
  3. Choose your temporary tattoo from 12 incredible designs (check them out below)

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Meet our talented tattoo artists

black and white photograph of tattoo artist James McKenna wearing a black jacket and smiling at the camera, the three tattoo designs are on the right
James McKenna

James began his career in tattooing back in 2008, and loves experimenting with illusions and morphing classic tattoo imagery to make something new. He is inspired by the likes of Sailor Jerry, Rudy Fritsh and El Monga. James is part owner and works at Golden Panther Tattoo in Fremantle.

black and white photograph of tattoo artist Germ Flack wearing glasses and smiling at the camera, the three tattoo designs are on the right
Germ Flack

Germ Flack is a non-binary tattooer, artist, zinemaker and musician originally from Brighton, UK, living in Naarm/Melbourne on Wurundjeri land since 2007. They joined Crucible Tattoo Co in 2018. Their work features bright, blended colours and cute, weird animals; exploring themes of identity, vulnerability, gender, mental health, queerness, self-discovery, and coming to terms with the concept of existing as a human.

black and white photograph of tattoo artist Jane Laver wearing glasses and a black jumper, the three tattoo designs are on the right
Jane Laver

After starting her tattoo apprenticeship in 1994 in NYC, Jane returned to Melbourne in late 1995 and started at Chapel Tattoo with Andrew McLeod and Kosta Heristinidis. They bought the business in 1997 with no clue as to how to run it — and Jane and Andrew still own it today.

black and white photograph of tattoo artist Matiu Davidson wearing a black beanie and smiling, the three tattoo designs are on the right
Matiu Davidson-Liga

Matiu is a tattoo artist of 10 years working out of Pacifink Tattoo Studio, Brisbane. He is of mixed Pacific Islander/European heritage and has a passion for Polynesian/Melanesian artforms that has stemmed from a very early age, both in tattooing and the arts in general.

Donating blood or plasma and getting your tattoo

Can you give blood (or plasma) with real tattoos?

Yes! It’s one of many common myths about donating blood and plasma that stop people from giving these life-saving liquids. You can donate blood one week after getting a tattoo and plasma straight away as long as it was done in a licensed tattoo parlour in Australia. If the tattoo wasn't done in a licensed tattoo parlour in Australia, you'll need to wait four months before donating.

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What is plasma (and what does it have to do with tattoos)?

Plasma is a vital component of your blood. When it’s donated it’s used in 18 life-giving ways to treat conditions from lifelong immune deficiencies to serious burns. The demand for plasma is rising all over the world — including Australia — every year.

Plasma and tattoos go together so well because you can give plasma immediately after getting a new tattoo. No waiting at all to save lives.

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Why give out temporary tattoos in October?

We’re promoting International Plasma Awareness Week (IPAW), which is on 3-7 October this year. IPAW is an international movement promoting the importance of plasma and plasma donors. If you want to try giving plasma, October is the perfect time to give it a go.

Don't know your blood type? Donate and find out.

You won’t miss out on a tattoo either: the ‘blood donor’ tattoos designed by our artists are just as amazing.

Learn about blood types


Win a signed limited-edition print when you show off your tattoo

Be in the running to win a signed print of one of the exquisite tattoo designs.

  • Post a photo to your Instagram account showing off your post-donation temporary tattoo. 
  • Tag our official Instagram account @lifebloodau in the image and use the hashtag #lifebloodau 
  • You must be following @lifebloodau to enter.
  • Make sure the photo doesn’t show needles or blood (they can make people a bit squeamish!).

Competition opens Monday 3 October 2022 and closes Monday 31 October 2022

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One winner will be selected and will be sent one limited-edition print of a blood type tattoo of their choice. We’ll notify the winners via private message on Instagram and share your pic to our account. Terms and Conditions.