Corporate services

What we offer

Governance and Risk Management

The Governance and Risk Management team support the Board, which has responsibility and oversight for Lifeblood. As part of this team you’ll make sure every big decision we make leads us in the right direction and helps us fulfil our lifegiving purpose.


We can’t achieve our lifesaving work without our Finance team. They manage funding, provide financial information, advice, analysis, and reports to help our decision-making and to improve performance. 

Lifeblood is held to a high standard when it comes to using money efficiently, and that responsibility falls to the Finance team (who handle it brilliantly).

People and Culture

People and Culture enhance our organisation by empowering and enabling our people. They look towards the future to ensure our workforces’ capabilities meet our business objectives, while also providing our people with advice or coaching.

Most importantly - People and Culture care for our employees. Nothing comes before the safety of our people, and the wellbeing of every team member is top priority for all of People and Culture.

Information and Communications Technology

Our Information and Communications Technology (ICT) team is the nerve centre of Lifeblood. It takes a team of specialists with an enormous range of skills and expertise to not just keep us running, but ahead of the game.

By connecting with all areas of Lifeblood, ICT provide leading edge ICT solutions and risk management to deliver digital business initiatives, build capability for growth, and continue to develop our people.

Corporate Strategy and Transformation

The Corporate Strategy and Transformation team are the change makers. They support the organisation through business strategy, policy advice, and drive transformational projects. From creating an entirely new brand in 2019 to managing relationships with government, they’re a key part of creating and delivering effective strategies.

Who we’re looking for 

Working at Lifeblood is more than just a job or a career, it’s an opportunity to be part of something that matters. As an organisation, our purpose is simple: to give life. To achieve this we’re looking for people with a unique set of skills and abilities.

Ready to discover life-giving possibilities?