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After leukaemia turned Gennaro’s life upside-down, donated blood and platelets helped him stay strong.

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Let's talk about blood, why it's in demand and how your red blood cells can seriously save lives.

Why donate blood

Want to help more people, more often? The answer is plasma. Find out how it can be used in 18 life-changing ways!

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They may be tiny, but they make a huge difference for seriously ill patients.

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Let's look at the finer details

What happens to donated blood?

You generously donate, but then what? Who exactly does it help?

Where does my blood go?
Making blood into components

Behind the scenes in our processing centres, we take your donation and turn it into treatments.

Making blood components
Boost your iron after donating

The iron in your blood is important and some people need an iron boost after they donate.

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