True Colours 2024: National Blood Donor Week 2024

Celebrating a community of life-savers

We’re incredibly grateful to our community of over half a million donors who generously give life and we want to say a big thank you. Each and every one of you has made a difference and we couldn’t have done it without you.

To celebrate, we’ve collaborated with Indigenous Australian artist, Aretha Brown, to bring you a limited-edition bandage that you can wear loud and proud. Book a donation between 10 June to 14 July to score yours.

Not a donor yet? Take this quiz to see if you can donate.

illustration of a map of australia with a person standing in the middle holding a big red blood droplet
Each year around 100,000 people in Australia donate blood for the first time.
1.7 million
Lifeblood needs more than 1.7 million donations every year to meet the demand for blood and blood products.
illustration of three people standing beside one another
1 blood donation can save up to 3 lives.
Meet the artist: Aretha Brown

Aretha Brown is an Indigenous Australian artist, screenwriter, and the former Prime Minister of the National Indigenous Youth Parliament. Her work draws influence from growing up in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs and her design for Lifeblood represents how she relates to the notion of living in a developed city as well as how that translates to her notion of ‘country’.

“What country means to me probably differs from mob who live in more regional and remote areas. Those differences shouldn’t divide us but bind us and be acknowledged. Every person’s experience navigating life is valid and worth celebrating. It’s how each of us brings our own uniqueness to our community and when we come together to make a difference, that’s where powerful impact happens.”

artist aretha brown smiling and holding a paintbrush

Looking for a team to donate together?

Saving lives is better together and if you’re looking for a life-saving crew to donate with, we have just the thing. Learn more about Lifeblood Teams in our interviews with The Monash University Medical Undergraduates Society Lifeblood Team and the V/Line’s Lifeblood Team and how you can find your very own like-minded group.

Share a picture of your bandage on Instagram to win a signed Aretha Brown print

artwork of various motifs in orange on a light pink background

Love the National Blood Donor Week bandage design and wish you could have an exclusive print of it in your home? Join our competition for a chance to win it.

To be in the running to win:

  • Post a photo to your Instagram account showing off your post-donation artist-designed bandage.
  • The photo shouldn’t show needles or blood (they can make people a bit squeamish!).
  • Tag our official Instagram account @lifebloodau in the image and use the hashtag #lifebloodau
  • You must be following @lifebloodau to enter.
  • One winner will be selected and will be sent a limited-edition signed print.
  • We’ll notify the winner via private message on Instagram and share your pic to our account.
  • Competition opens Monday 10 June to 14 July 2024.
  • T&Cs can be found here.

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