Valentine’s Day horoscopes

Valentine’s Day horoscopes

This time of year has us thinking about what the future holds.

What lies just around the corner? Is this the right path? What about relationships — are they destined?

So, we looked to the stars. We’re ready to make some predictions.

What’s your star sign?


Giving blood will be very rewarding for you. You’ll find yourself buzzing from the feeling (and the text to tell you where your donation goes).


Keep your eyes open for an opportunity to take time out. Perhaps in a comfy couch while giving blood.


You’ll find yourself with an hour to spare and a desire to make a difference. Have you considered giving blood?


Today’s a great day to learn something new about yourself. Are you the kind of person who likes to save lives? Find out by giving blood.


You’ve been flat out lately. It’s best to take a break before you burn out. If you can’t get away for a while, just spare an hour for some downtime. And why not spend it doing good? Give blood.


You will discover a love of helping others. Try donating blood to capitalise on that feeling.


Today, it feels especially important to help someone out. With 1 in 3 people needing donated blood in their lifetime, giving is a good opportunity for you.


It’s better to spend the day making a difference. Make a blood donation to make a big difference.


Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to help a stranger. Blood donation could be a great way to do this.


It’s a good time to focus on yourself. Start by drinking plenty of water (and now that you’re hydrated, think about giving blood).


You’ll get a lot out of giving something back to the community, both emotionally and in the form of a tasty snack. Try a blood donation.


You have an adventurous spirit. Your next adventure could be to a local blood donor centre to save a life.

It feels like fate. How about it? The stars are aligning for you to come and visit a blood donor centre this Valentine’s Day (and beyond).

Book a donation today and start your future off on the right foot.