Snackshot 2021

Snackshot 2021

Last year our donors in Australia made 1,596,803 individual donations, and for that we are ever-so-grateful. We understand that saving lives is strenuous work, and with so many tasty treats to choose from post-donation, see what our donor favourites were in the year that was!

illustration of a woman standing with a water bottle

Post-donation hydration

Our donors are at the top of their game when it comes to post-donation fluid replenishment, with just over 547,000 litres of water consumed last year. #stayinghydrated.

illustration of a woman holding up a sausage roll

What’s the roll up?

In the battle between the ever-so-popular Sausage Roll vs. our newest contenders the Vege Rolls, the reigning champion has taken first place again with 270,570 gobbled up in 2021, and vege rolls taking a close second place with 232,000 eaten.

illustration of a man holding up a pie

Share of the pie 

With a shift in selection due to COVID-19 safety, we had to say goodbye to our beloved party pies this year, but the bigger, beefier cousin joined the crew with a total of 195,744 pies consumed.

illustration of a man holding a bag of potato chips


The mighty spud can be enjoyed in so many forms, whether you’re a chips or crisps person, most of us can’t be trusted to not finish a whole bag in one sitting. For our donors, favs this year included the sweet-salty flavour favourite honey-soy chips with over 248,500 packets, but the OG took precedence with 317,300 bags of original chips savoured! *crunch*

illustration of a man holding up a muffin

Sweet something

It’s a constant friendly competition between sweet and savoury tastes, with so many tasty treats to choose from. We can see that our donors have a bit of a sweet tooth with almost 4% more sweet snacks consumed last year.

illustration of a woman holding up an apple

Juicy stats

Let’s say our mission of ensuring a fruitful post-donation experience for our donors was a success! They loved juice and cold beverages so much that a total of 147,462 litres was consumed. The top favourite being apple at 53,120 litres, and OJ coming in second at 46,485 litres.

illustration of a milk carton

Milky flavourites

Team Choc, or Team Coffee? Choc leads the way with 278,544 of them consumed, and coffee not far behind at 228,816


Looking to sample some of these for yourself? Book in a life-saving donation today. We have cookies (and much more!)