Snack off 2019

Snack off 2019

It’s time to feast your eyes on the snack round-up of 2019. We collected 1,493,675 donations last year from thousands of generous donors. All that donating can work up an appetite and having a treat is well deserved. After all, you’ve just helped to save lives!

Party pies vs sausage rolls

It’s a contentious battle that’s fought at birthday parties, school canteens and office morning teas around Australia. Which is better — a party pie or a sausage roll? Both are absolute classics and standard Aussie fare, but sadly there can only be one winner ….

Sausage rolls! There were a whopping 570,000 sausage rolls munched on by our donors last year, with 490,000 party pies taking out second place again.

Flavoured milk vs tea

There are few things more comforting and satisfying than a good cup of tea, especially one paired with a biccie after a life-giving donation. But a flavoured milk can give you more variety — maybe you’d like a choccie milk this time, but you’ll reach for the luscious cream pink strawberry next donation. We can’t deny our love for a flavoured milk, and neither can our donors after drinking up 480,000 of them last year, compared to 250,000 cups of tea. Now let us celebrate this milestone with the adding of chocolate to milk.

Cheese and crackers vs pretzels

It’s always a tough choice when it comes to a savoury selection. A creamy cheese paired with a crunchy cracker, or do you make a bee-line for the salty pretzels? We love both, but there was a clear winner …

Cheese and crackers! A classic for a reason, coming in at 900,000 against 300,000 bags of pretzels consumed. 

If you’re getting hungry just reading about all these delicious snacks (and these are just to name a few) why not book a time to give life with us today?