Presents without a price tag

Presents without a price tag

Gifting anxiety may be on the horizon, but have no fear, we’ve got you covered.

It’s that time of the year again when the days (and lists of things to do) are longer. Trip coming up? Family traditions that need preparing for? Scrambling to figure out what your 2023 goals are? Phew.

Amidst all the hustle and bustle that the holidays bring, you’ve might realise something: you’ve run out of gift ideas. Or worse: you forgot someone. Uh oh.

Let’s take care of that. Gift-giving (and receiving) is a tradition as old as humankind, or so they say. It’s truly one of life’s greatest joys for adults and kids alike. But not all presents need to have a price tag.

Here’s a quick list that you can refer to, without needing to “add to cart” or factor in delivery delays:

Treats for all

If social media has taught us anything, it’s that there’s a chef in each one of us. Buried deep within the short-format video platforms are quick and easy recipes to make or bake treats that are sure to please!

Relaxation station

Nearing the end of the year means everyone deserves some much needed ‘me’ time, so why not gift them an arvo of doing absolutely nothing? Take their load off by offering to take over their tasks, such as offering your time to clean, cook or run errands.

Do something nice in their name 

Giving the gift of life to someone is free, heartfelt, and meaningful. Book in a blood donation and give in your friend, colleague or family’s name this festive season and we can guarantee the warm glow you’ll feel post-donation is worth it. Plus, we have snacks and who doesn’t love that?

Gardening buddy

Summer also means gardens all over the country are probably going berserk and it’s a great time to lend a helping hand to those who may need it! Gardening could be a great activity to unwind with a mate and soak up some much-needed vitamin-D in the process.

Teach a skill

Got a cool skill to share that others could benefit from? Now’s your time to shine! It can be as simple as painting a wall or sewing. Plenty of basic life skills could benefit the masses.

Be a social superstar

Shoefie or it didn’t happen! We love seeing your post-donation selfies and would love it if you keep ‘em coming. Following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and sharing our posts means you’re helping us reach a wider audience, so they too can be life-giving superstars like you.

Donate Life

There are currently around 1,750 Australians on the waitlist for an organ transplant. You can also give life beyond blood by registering to be an organ and tissue donor by visiting It only takes a minute or just 3 taps in your Medicare app.

Create a playlist 

Known as a 21st century mixtape, creating a custom playlist for someone is a thoughtful way to remind them that a little tune therapy is a great way to unwind or even be used as a tool to get mundane tasks done, to a beat. 

Strength to give

Every 31 minutes someone in Australia is diagnosed with blood cancer, and for many a blood stem cell transplant from a complete stranger is their only hope. If you’re aged between 18-35 years, you can register as a stem-cell donor through Strength to Give and increase their chances of finding the best possible match. 

We hope these ideas have sprung enthusiasm for the holidays and wish all our donors a great end to the year!