More power to you Peter

More power to you Peter

Getting well enough to donate blood again kept Peter going through his cancer treatment.

Peter’s journey as a blood donor began in the 1970s when he was 19. Over the years, work, life, and location got in the way, but in his 50s, he went back to donating blood (and changing lives). He credits a colleague who was also a donor and encouraged him to resume donating, and to his mum, who donated blood for most of her life.

Peter spent his career in mines and meatworks, and as he approached retirement, he had a final medical done. The news wasn’t good.

Tests revealed a cancerous growth on his kidney. Fortunately, it was a low-level cancer, but Peter says the health scare made him ‘a bit of a hypochondriac’.

“My wife told me I was being a goose, so I pulled myself together and created some goals. One of these goals was to get back into donating again,” he said.

Peter knew he had it in him; cancer was just a setback that he wanted overcome.

He strived to get well enough to keep giving. It took Peter five years, but he successfully achieved his goal. With the all-clear from his doctor, he went back to donating blood. He believes that setting this goal and having something to aim for helped him recover.

“Donating blood is something that is easy to do, and you can help other people. It is a goal that is achievable,” he said.

Inspired by Peter’s powerful goal-setting? You can give life too. Book a donation today.