Michael Klim meets three imperfect blood donors

Michael Klim meets three imperfect blood donors

Michael Klim helps the guys from The Imperfects podcast make their first blood donation.

Recently, Michael Klim sat down with Hugh, Josh and Ryan from the Imperfects podcast to record an interview. In true Imperfect’s style, the conversation was equal parts heartfelt and hilarious. In the episode, Klim discusses everything from his incredible sporting career in the pool to the devastating impact CIDP has had on his body and the inspiring new path his life has taken. He even gives a shout out to all the incredible donors who have helped him along the way! 

Like most Australians, the guys at The Imperfects had no idea just how many donations recipients like Klim needed and wanted to do their bit to help. As Lifeblood ambassador, Michael couldn’t turn down the opportunity to recruit three new donors and volunteered to guide them through their first donation – with hilarious results. Check out the video below.   

To hear the full episode visit The Imperfects Podcast and to help countless recipients like Michael Klim book a donation today.

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