How you can make a meaningful difference in 2024

How you can make a meaningful difference in 2024

Although many New Year resolutions have already fallen by the wayside, we’ve got plenty of records for you to help us smash this year. Feel good about yourself and give life; what could be a better resolution than that?

Bring a friend

The first one is simple: bring a friend to your next donation. Last year more than 21,000 donors used the Lifeblood app’s Donate With Friends feature. Whether it’s to buddy up with a first-timer, or to enjoy some time together on a couch feeling good about yourselves, we want to boost that number, and you and your mate are the only ones who can help us get there.

Thank you, come again

Speaking of your visits, if you can make a goal to swing by a donor centre just one more time than you did last year, you could help us shore up the nation’s blood supply for the entire year. 

62% of our blood donors make one or two donations each year. If you’re under the age of 30, you could break into the top 25% of your age bracket by donating three times in 2024.

So if you want to pop on your LinkedIn profile or your 2024 Christmas cards that you’re one of the top 38% of blood donors in Australia, all you need to do is donate three times this year. Easy! 

If you really want to aim for the stars, six donations will land you in the top 10% of all Aussie blood donors, and sixteen donations will make you a one percent-er (the trick is in your plasma).


If you donated blood for the first time last year, we already know 40% of you won’t come back. Was it something we said? Make another appointment this year and tell us! 

Has it been 12 months or more since you last donated? Be part of the 22% who make their way back, by donating even once more in 2024. Just one in five donors who take a break from donating for a year find their way to a Lifeblood couch again, so buck that national trend, and reacquaint yourself with the feelgood buzz that comes from giving blood.

Do it all for the Nippy’s

If all of the above hasn’t strengthened your resolve to visit us more often in 2024, there’s one more thing you can sway, and it’s a hot topic of conversation among our regulars.

Chocolate-flavoured milk is by far and away the most popular flavour in any state or territory of Australia. Second place is dominated by caramel in just about every area, except WA where vanilla takes the runner-up position. 

It’s not just milkshakes that bring all the donors to the yard; Nippy’s get a look-in too. As with milkshakes, chocolate is the top flavour nationally, followed by coffee. But in SA and WA it’s coffee that takes the top spot, then chocolate in second place.

If you reckon there are better flavours in the fridge, or you want to impact this year’s big Sausage Roll v Party Pies tally, book your next donation today.