Guess who’s back? Lifeblood Gifts is back!

Guess who’s back? Lifeblood Gifts is back!

Donors of Australia, it’s time to get excited.

In 2023, we ran our trial rewards program – Lifeblood Gifts – and gave out limited-edition Lifeblood merch to 92,000 of our delightful donors. It was our way of saying thank you for your life-saving generosity
The feedback from the trial was so enthusiastic that in just a few short weeks, we’ll be re-launching Lifeblood Gifts – and it’s better than ever.

We’ve heard your thoughts; simplicity, logistics, and sustainability have all been considered. We’ve spent months designing an enhanced program and creating a fresh new line of merch that’s waiting to be unboxed.

You may have seen some of the previous merch modelled across social media, which is another reason we love giving out these gifts; it helps raise awareness for Lifeblood, and adds to that feel-good buzz that comes with donating.

We can’t tell you much more for now, but we promise in a few weeks you won’t be able to miss it. So, make an appointment to help us through the tricky winter season and be on your way to scoring yourself some Lifeblood goodies!