Geoff hits 800! An incredible milestone for one of our top donors

Geoff hits 800! An incredible milestone for one of our top donors

Our team in Queensland's Maroochydore Donor Centre celebrated a very special milestone when champion donor Geoff Blogg rolled up his sleeves for the 800th time.

Geoff is the top blood donor in Queensland and the second highest active donor in the nation.

The plasma donor started donating whole blood in 1966 in Sydney at the old York Street building. He started giving blood as his then employer, Telstra, encouraged all their staff to donate and gave them time off to attend the appointments.

By 1988 he had racked up an impressive 175 donations. At this point he swapped New South Wales for Queensland and started donating in Brisbane where he was a regular until 2015.

When the Maroochydore team met Geoff, he was celebrating his 701st donation, and already one of the top donors in the country.

Despite not living near a donor centre, he and his wife Michelle make a three-hour trip every fortnight so he can donate. While Geoff is rolling up his sleeves, he says his wife Michelle loves the opportunity to shop 'in the Big Smoke' at the Sunshine Plaza.

Geoff knows how important blood donation is in helping to save the lives of Australian patients and says the efficiency, friendliness and duty of care shown to him every time he donates is just one reason he makes the drive. 

In 2018 his incredible dedication to blood donation was recognised when we nominated him to run with the Queen's baton in the Gold Coast 2018 Queen's Baton Relay for the Commonwealth Games.

We congratulate this humble, passionate and dedicated donor as he hits this impressive milestone as well as the teams at Lifeblood past and present who have helped him on his blood donation journey.