Enhancing Ebony’s immunity with plasma

Enhancing Ebony’s immunity with plasma

When you donate plasma, you give people like Ebony a shot at a healthy life through an army of life-saving germ-fighters.

Ebony’s a typical three-year-old with an abundance of energy. A bit of a deep thinker, she knows what she wants — including puzzles, and watching everything on Netflix Kids at least eight times.

Just after her second birthday, Ebony went through some genetic testing, and the news wasn’t good. She has a rare primary immune deficiency called hyper-IG syndrome (commonly known as Job Syndrome). Around the same time, she was frequently being hospitalised with severe infections when her weakened immune system couldn’t fight off common infections.

All parents know the drill: your little one starts day care, and starts bringing home every bug, virus and mystery sniffle going around. For Eb, things were more serious. She would develop a cold which would last for a few weeks, leading to other infections. When she was finally better, she’d return to day care…only to get sick and do the whole thing all over again, due to her condition.

To help her keep doing the things she loves most, Eb began receiving weekly subcutaneous immunoglobulin (SCIg), which her parents Leigh and Amanda administer at home. SCIg is a treatment made from plasma donations and used for patients such as Ebony, who need replacement of antibodies. It’s one of the many life-giving uses of plasma.

Since her treatment began, the Eb’s illness is far less severe. She can now go months without becoming sick, and her chronic infections have all cleared up.

“It’s crazy what a difference it has made. She doesn’t even get that sick anymore, and if she does, it’s nowhere near as severe or long-lasting as it used to be,” said Leigh.

“For little Eb, receiving plasma is just part of her weekly routine.”

Leigh and Amanda (who are both loyal donors), marvelled at the way plasma donations not only enable a person to stay well, but also recover from illness.

Without her ongoing plasma treatments, Ebony wouldn’t be able to attend day care, school, or community events. She would have to isolate at home, away from the numerous things she loves. The simple act of everyday Australians donating plasma allows her to live a happy and complete life.

“It’s incredibly difficult to articulate how grateful we are to all the donors. Thank you just doesn't seem to cut it, but simply thank you,” said Leigh and Amanda.

Giving plasma is easier than you think and even more rewarding when you know it helps recipients like Ebony do the things they love. Be a life-giving legend by booking a plasma donation.