The doctors of tomorrow saving lives today

The doctors of tomorrow saving lives today

Monash University Medical Undergraduates Society are working together to give life.

Since the team’s inception in 2014, The Monash University Medical Undergraduates Society (MUMUS) has made over 3,000 blood donations, helping save up to 10,000 lives. Through social media campaigns, blood drives and group bookings, MUMUS has been able to foster a community of like-minded students ready to roll up their sleeves and give blood.

“As medical students and future doctors, we see the need for blood every day at placement and in the community” – MUMUS Team Champion, Connor Fisher

This National Blood Donor Week, Lifeblood is recognising donors like those from MUMUS who choose to give a part of themselves to help those in need. This year’s theme, ‘It takes all of us to save lives’, is a celebration of the communities blood donors build and how these communities are essential to providing life-saving care to Australia’s most vulnerable.

With over 1000 members MUMUS relies on a combination of digital comms and in-person events to help foster their community. Outside of organised events, many students use their donation as an opportunity to catch up with friends. Even when a student does book a solo donation, the MUMUS team is so big it’s not uncommon to see a friendly face in centre.

Unlike other donors, MUMUS team members are constantly reminded why it takes all of us to save lives. During their clinical placements, students will see all manner of blood products used to treat patients. Team Champion Connor Fisher, explains, “Almost everybody…has seen some form of blood product administered. I’ve seen blood administered during births, during trauma, and during cancer treatment.” These stark reminders help motivate the MUMUS Team to continue donating, giving them a way to save lives even before they begin their careers in medicine.

With over 10 years of experience saving lives the students of MUMUS Lifeblood Team have had an incredible impact on the lives of countless recipients, but they can’t do it alone. It takes all of us to save lives, so if you want to make a difference, book a donation. And if you donate before 14 July, you’ll receive a limited-edition National Blood Donor Week bandage.


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