COVID-19 Immunology Study: Frequently asked questions

COVID-19 Immunology Study: Frequently asked questions

I can’t donate right now, can I still be part of the study?

Yes. We’ll keep sending you surveys, and we’d love it if you could keep answering them. You still have important information to give!

I can’t remember my vaccine dates and can’t find them. Can you help me?

Yes. Please get in touch with the team via clinical and we can help you.

Can Lifeblood provide hard copies of the future surveys to make things easier for me?

Sorry, but we can’t for this one. But, if you need help, our Research Assistant (Athina Kakkos) or Nurse (Justine O’Donovan) can help you complete the survey over the phone.

When will I receive the next survey?

Next February. We’ll send a reminder and a text message if we don’t hear from you, too. We hope to have complete data sets from everyone who has joined the study so we can see what’s happening with long-term COVID-19 immunity in the community.