How a donated heart saved Miranda's life

How a donated heart saved Miranda's life

When Lifeblood helped match Miranda to a donor heart, her excruciating wait was over. Now, she has a new heartbeat and a new lease on life.

“The tiny things are the big things.” 

Miranda will never look at life the same. Something as simple as walking up the stairs was impossible for her not so long ago. But then, on a Sunday morning, she got the call: she was getting a new heart. 

To wake up with a new heart is unimaginable for most of us. But for Miranda, it was literally life-saving. She’ll always be grateful for the gift of life. 

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00:00 I remember waking up and I literally had a different heartbeat.

00:05 Waiting for that organ was, um...

00:09 it's excruciating.

00:11 And when that call comes, it's out of the blue.

00:14 My call came on a Sunday morning.

00:16 She said to me, "Hi, a heart has become available

00:19 and it's being given to you."

00:21 "Do you wanna be here in two hours?"

00:24 Without the people that step into those roles,

00:26 like Lifeblood, I wouldn't be alive.

00:28 You know, they're saving lives.

00:30 Like, what could be more important than that?

00:34 You know that you've received an amazing gift,

00:37 so you're grateful for just everything.

00:40 Walking up the stairs to my apartment,

00:43 carrying the shopping, kicking a ball with my son.

00:46 It's tiny, little things like that,

00:48 but those tiny things are the big things.

00:51 They're huge, because they are life.

00:54 My name's Miranda, and my life depends on Lifeblood.

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