Donor legend Dawn Jarrett retires after 600 donations

Donor legend Dawn Jarrett retires after 600 donations

We think there’s something very special about our donors. They give up their time to help out others, and when someone like Dawn Jarrett comes along to our centre we’re blown away by their amazing generosity. Last week Dawn gave her 600th donation, wrapping up six decades of saving lives.

Dawn went along to her mother’s donation when she was just 14. While she wasn’t able to give blood then, she began once she was 18.

Dawn would donate after work at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, one of many locations she visited during her more than 60 year commitment to saving lives.

Donating was a family affair for Dawn, who donated with her late husband and only missed her regular appointment when she had each of her five children.

Our Mt Waverley Donor Centre spokesperson Sarah Lacey thanked Dawn and said the Lifeblood needs more people to become regular blood donors, with the centre now open seven days a week.

“The team at the donor centre are all sad to say farewell to Dawn, however she has set an amazing example for others to follow,” Ms Lacey said.

“To continue donating blood and plasma over 60 years demonstrates incredible generosity and dedication and the Lifeblood would like to thank and recognise Dawn for all she has done.”

We think all of our donors are absolute legends, and now we need someone to take Dawn’s place and break her record! Could it be you?