Donor Danny draws blood at Ringwood Donor Centre

Donor Danny draws blood at Ringwood Donor Centre

Our staff at Ringwood are seeing themselves in a new light, and it’s in black and white! Visions of our Ringwood team emerged in imaginative whorls, loops and strokes from the hand of cartoonist Danny Zemp when he comes in to donate plasma.

For the talented cartoonist the donation couch is a chance to sit back and draw.

“One day when giving blood I thought I’d start drawing the vampires in Ringwood. The team there is funny. We have great laughs. It’s also a great way to hone my skills,” Danny explains.

Saving lives with one arm and creating caricatures with the other, Danny leaves the ultimate choice to our Ringwood team.

“When they tap me on my right arm, I have to draw with left. Not my dominant hand. That’s a challenge. I let the nurses choose the arm they want to tap into. It’s all part of the fun.”

Whether it’s left-handed or right-handed, the creative results are a huge hit with donors and employees at Ringwood.

“The team love it when Danny comes in. We always try to guess who he’s going to draw today and sometimes try to stand in his vision to get a drawing done,” said Donor Centre Manager, Bianca Leung.

Everyone now proudly displays a caricature on their locker at the centre, a unique likeness visualised with a chuckle by a dedicated blood donor.

“We love them all!” Bianca said.

“The individual detail Danny puts into each drawing, you can really tell he’s studied his subject.”

The Swiss-born artist hasn’t always drawn for a living. His career began in the treetops as a climbing arborist but after 25 years his love of cartooning represented a lifestyle change and a healthier option for his back.

A huge salute to Danny who as well as helping others through the gift of blood brings joy to those around him while he does it.


Please note image of donor and staff was taken last year, prior to social distancing requirements. You can find out more about how we're keeping staff and donors safe here.