Chloe Bayliss on the fight of her life

Chloe Bayliss on the fight of her life

You know Chloe Bayliss from her role as Hayley in Channel Nine’s Doctor Doctor, but our favourite role of Chloe’s is the one in which she proudly acts as a Lifeblood ambassador. 

Chloe has first-hand experience of the difference blood donations can make – for two years she received up to 12 bags of plasma each week. 

When Chloe was diagnosed at the age of 17 with the autoimmune disease lupus, she had already spent months in hospital battling a rare blood disease, experiencing seizures and failing kidneys. 

She was anaemic with dangerously low platelet levels, which caused her to lose large amounts of blood during routine surgery and biopsies. Her treatment was a combination of blood, plasma and platelet transfusions. 
“I needed many bags of donated plasma every week for close to two years. They would take out my bad plasma and replace it with healthy donated plasma over and over again until they could cure my disease,” said Chloe. 

Plasma: the life-giving gift

Receiving blood products made Chloe incredibly passionate about the life-giving gift our blood donors provide with every single donation. 

“At the time it was very scary to have to rely on a strangers blood products to help fight the disease that was trying to take over my body,” she said. “There were times where I was so terrified that the hospital might run out of plasma donations and I wouldn't be able to receive treatment. I am so moved by the generosity of people who continually donate.”

Chloe has since recovered to resume her career as both an actor and dancer, and create a memoir of her experience. She’s also incredibly passionate about helping us to spread the word about what a lifesaving difference your blood donations can make. 

Lifeblood's newest ambassador

Chloe has not only been a vocal supporter of Lifeblood, but she’s also personally ensured her family, her partner, and the team at her publishing house visit us to donate blood. 

“I think its super important to think about the people who are going to receive your blood,” she said. “Most of the time they are going through some really awful things and your blood could be the one thing that gets them through.”

See Chloe's incredible story

Chloe’s story is even more powerful in her own words, and you can watch it on our TV show Giving Life on 9Now.