60 donors for 60 years

60 donors for 60 years

Blood donor Robyn recently celebrated her 60th birthday in an unusual way: by encouraging 60 of her friends, family, patients, and colleagues to donate blood at the Caulfield Blood Donor Centre — many for the first time.

Robyn was inspired by another local donor who had recruited 50 donors for his 50th and decided she wanted to 10-up him!

“I tell everybody, the best thing about this is that it's not for someone we know and love, it's for strangers, for someone out there who needs it." 

"I want to make sure everybody keeps donating — it's not just a one off, I want them to keep giving. It's the gift of love and it's all about us helping each other."

In total, Robyn and her amazing crew made a total of 46 donations, including 31 new donors, 11 plasma donors, and 35 blood donors. Better yet, many of the donors rebooked and those who were ineligible to donate on the day, booked in for when their deferrals lifted down the track.

When speaking about the Lifeblood employees who helped organise the event Robyn said:

“You have all been amazing. I can't say enough — I always feel the smiles on the other end of the line!"

“I am happy to report that I was full of incredible emotion and love from everyone that made my 60th birthday so extra special," Robyn said.

“And huge thanks to each and every one of you at Australian Red Cross Lifeblood who worked so hard to make this happen. Despite how long their day was, they always had a huge smile on their faces."