Record blood donation cancellations

Record blood donation cancellations

Last-minute blood donation cancellations meant 44,000 donor couches were left empty last month, almost equivalent to the capacity of the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Lifeblood spokesperson Cath Stone said during the height of the pandemic Australians responded strongly to Lifeblood’s appeals for blood donors, but now only one in every two appointments is being kept, with a third cancelled or rescheduled on the day.  

“Australians are enjoying holidays, catching up with friends and family, and getting back to every day outings, but the need for blood never stops.

“In fact, annual demand for blood is at its highest level in over a decade, with hospitals now using four per cent more blood than they did compared to the last two years.

“We understand that plans change so if you do need to cancel or reschedule, please contact Lifeblood as early as possible so we can find someone to take your place. 

“There is no substitute for blood and we need every type, every day, to meet the needs of Australian patients who depend on it. 

“There are always people in hospital needing blood for cancer treatment, surgery, blood disorders and obstetrics,” she said.

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