Hospitals need your blood this Easter

Hospitals need your blood this Easter

Australian Red Cross Lifeblood has issued an appeal for blood and plasma donors in the lead up to Easter amid growing demand by hospitals.

The need for blood is 3 percent higher than the same time last year, while demand for platelets, the clotting agent in blood, is at a record high. Platelets are taken from blood donations and are a vital part of treatment for cancer patients and road trauma victims.

Lifeblood Executive Director, Strategy and Growth, Stuart Chesneau said 1000 donors are needed across Australia every day between now and Easter Monday (March 26-April 1) to ensure hospitals receive the blood they need.  

“Blood and blood products will be required every 18 seconds this Easter long weekend and throughout the school holidays by trauma and emergency patients, mums delivering babies, people with blood conditions and cancer patients.

“And every person who comes in and makes a donation can save up to three lives,” Stuart said. 

Easter is a traditionally challenging time for donations because many regular donors take a break to spend time with family and friends or go away for the four-day weekend.

“Blood is complex and cannot be synthetically produced, so we rely on the generosity of donors to ensure patients have access to the blood they need when they need it, including over holiday periods.”

In 2023, 17 people lost their lives on the roads throughout Easter, while many more required hospital treatment. Just one person involved in a serious road crash can need as many as 100 bags of blood to survive depending on their injuries.

Platelets are also vital to combat life-threatening bleeding in emergency situations. Platelets act like tiny bandaids to clot blood, but only have a shelf life of seven days. 

“Hospitals can’t always predict what trauma or emergency patients might come through their doors so having a reliable supply of blood, plasma, and platelets is critical,” Stuart said.

“A blood donation only takes one hour, with just 5-10 minutes on the couch, while a plasma donation takes 90 minutes.” 

Lifeblood has a record 49 Lifeblood donor centres open throughout Australia on Good Friday and most centres are open on Easter Monday, providing plenty of opportunities to donate. 

To book an appointment call 13 14 95, book online at or on the DonateBlood app.

Table: State and Territory breakdown of additional donors needed from Tuesday March 26-Easter Monday

ACT 320Western Australia600
New South Wales2500Victoria2100
South Australia250Queensland1300
Tasmania300Darwin, NT100