Final call for 1,600 blood donors in 2019

Final call for 1,600 blood donors in 2019

Australian Red Cross Lifeblood has issued a final call for blood donors across the country to make their life-changing donation count as 2019 draws to a close.

Some 1,600 blood donors are still needed to give blood today and tomorrow to help meet patient needs during this critical holiday period.

Lifeblood spokesperson Belinda Smetioukh said while the organisation was thrilled with the response from people across the nation, they weren’t out of the woods yet.

“This festive season, Australians have really rallied to support patients who depend on blood products for their treatment.

“Historically, we see a drop in the number of people donating over long weekends or public holidays, and today and New Year’s Eve are no different," she said.

“These 1,600 blood donors have the potential to help nearly 5,000 Australian patients relying on blood products during this time.

“These patients could be people undergoing treatment for cancer, newborns, those undergoing emergency surgery, those involved in road accidents and so many more. 

“Your donation could be the life-changing gift to help them see in the New Year with their loved-ones.”

Donor centres are open throughout the New Year break, including Tuesday 31 December.

Book online or call 13 14 95 to make an appointment at a centre near you.