“Bloods” launch blood donor team to help save lives

“Bloods” launch blood donor team to help save lives

Australian Red Cross Lifeblood and the mighty Sydney Swans are partnering to launch a blood donor team for fans in the lead-up to the first blood donor centre opening in an Australian sporting complex at Sydney Swans HQ.

The team is called ‘Lifeblood of the Swans’, and supporters are encouraged to join by giving blood or plasma this footy season. Each donation, registered as part of the team, adds to its tally.

With more than two million fans, the Sydney Swans are well placed to help Lifeblood spread the word about the importance of blood and plasma donation, which you can start doing from the age of 18.

The stats show young men aged between 18 and 30 make up 11 per cent of Australia’s blood donor population, while female donors have a competitive edge in this age group on 16 per cent.

Lifeblood CEO Stephen Cornelissen said the partnership with the Sydney Swans will enable Lifeblood to work with one of the most consistent and widely supported clubs in the league, and a trusted brand within Australian sport.

“People who are battling cancer, or those injured in an emergency such as road trauma, may not see another AFL series without donated blood and plasma,” Mr Cornelissen said.

“We know Sydney Swans fans are socially conscious and have the power to do immense good. Someone somewhere in Australia relies on donated blood every 18 seconds, and by joining ‘Lifeblood of the Swans’, fans can show their loyalty, cheer on fellow team members, boost blood donor numbers, and save lives.

“Together, we’re calling on Swans members, fans, past players, and staff, to roll up their sleeves and give blood and plasma. We need a new donor every four minutes – on average that’s about 30 new donors during a single game – so there’s never been a better time to sign up.”

Sydney Swans CEO Tom Harley welcomed Lifeblood to the Swans family.

“This is a fantastic partnership between two organisations passionate about making a difference,” Mr Harley said.

The new Sydney Swans HQ and Community Centre at the Royal Hall of Industries will this year become home to the first Australian blood donor centre located in a sporting complex.

The Moore Park Donor Centre is expected to open in the second half of 2023 and will help boost blood and plasma supplies by 22,000 donations every year, helping to save 66,000 lives across Australia.

“We really are excited about having a Lifeblood donor centre in Sydney Swans HQ, and we hope we can help raise awareness about the importance of donating,” Mr Harley said.

To register as a donor with the ‘Lifeblood of the Swans’ team and book a donation, visit lifeblood.com.au or call 13 14 95. Donations are automatically tallied. Make sure you select ‘Lifeblood of the Swans’ as your team if registering on the website or mention it when you call.