National Blood Donor Week

For those who give life

Thank you(s) aren’t enough to express our gratitude for all that our blood donors do, which is why we’ve introduced a whole week of celebrating them!

Each year, around World Blood Donor Day on 14 June, Lifeblood is proud to host National Blood Donor Week — it’s our way of recognising the impact and importance of our wonderful donors.

a donor is seated in a chair after a donation with a bandage around his elbow and smiling at someone off camera
National Blood Donor Week 10-16 June 2024

National Blood Donor Week 2024

This year, we are celebrating the incredible sense of community our donors have created. Each one of them has made an impact by giving life and together, they make up a life-saving tapestry that shows us we can really make a difference when we come together.

Interested in being part of National Blood Donor Week 2024? Check your eligibility to donate and sign up as a donor or join Lifeblood Teams and save lives together.

photo of a donor lying back in a chair having her blood pressure taken
Already a donor?
Enjoy a week all about YOU. Book in for a donation during National Blood Donor Week so we can thank you in person.
a collage of a variety of donors smiling while donating or while holding donation signs
Want to share the love?
Check our social media to see lots of love for donors and don’t forget to share your National Blood Donor Week snaps at @lifebloodau
photo of two women standing outdoors having a conversation and smiling
Keen to donate as a group?
Donate with mates, workmates or team-mates! Discover Lifeblood Teams and book in your team for National Blood Donor Week.
photo of a donor sitting back in a chair during a donation looking up and smiling
Ready to give it a go?
Donating is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Don’t wait for National Blood Donor Week! Now is always the best time to start.
photo of artist min pin smiling at the camera, she is wearing a multi coloured top and around her left elbow is the bandage designed by her
National Blood Donor Week 2023 - Birds of a feather save lives together

For National Blood Donor Week 2023, we celebrated Australia’s flock of half a million donors with a limited-edition Min Pin-designed bandage.

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a collage of a variety of donors smiling while donating or while holding donation signs
National Blood Donor Week 2022 - Be the Lifeblood of Australia

Over 8.3 million Australians will need blood in their lifetime. Join us this National Blood Donor Week, 13–19 June.

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photo of a donor seated in a chair and smiling with a nurse standing in the background
National blood donor week 2021 - Make a change for life

This week is National Blood Donor Week. For one week every year, we take the time to celebrate our amazing donors. Without them, the work we do would not be possible.

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