Should I donate blood or plasma?

Your blood type (also known as a blood group) helps determine what kind of blood donation might be best for you to give.  There are three kinds of donation: blood, plasma and platelets. If you're male and have donated plasma in the past 12 months, we'll speak to you about donating platelets. 

If you don’t know your blood type, book a plasma donation. After your first donation, we can tell you your blood type and talk about the best donation for you to give next time. 

type O positive
Blood, plasma or platelets

If you're O+, feel free to donate whatever suits you. Whether it's a quick trip to donate blood at lunchtime, or a plasma donation this weekend, we'd love to see you.

type o negative
Blood or platelets

Your O- blood can be given to anyone, meaning that you're always in demand: especially during public holidays, when we need you most.

type A positive
Blood, plasma or platelets

If you're A+, you’re a high performer of the best kind – the kind who saves lives. We'd love to see you soon, whether you plan to donate blood, plasma or platelets.

type A negative
Blood, plasma or platelets

By giving blood or plasma, your A- blood can help almost anyone. Choose the donation type that suits you, and we'll see you soon – with snacks!

type B positive

If you're B+, we'd love you to donate plasma, as it can be given to 60% of people. There may not be many of you, but you make a big impact – and can save many lives.

type B negative
Plasma or blood

There aren’t many B- donors out there. You’re a rare find, and a real gem. If you're looking to donate, we'd love you to donate plasma or blood.

type A B positive

AB+ donors are real crowd-pleasers. We'd love you to donate plasma as it can be given to anyone, meaning you can save even more lives at your next visit.

type A B negative
Plasma or blood

The rarest of them, AB- donors are powerful. Your plasma can be given to anyone, putting you in a position to save more lives with just one donation.

Australia needs a steady supply of donations, but the specific amounts of each kind change daily. Sometimes that may affect what we need you to donate too.   

Even if you can’t make a certain kind of donation for health or other reasons, keep donating what you can. You're still changing lives!