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Illustration of a man and woman standing next to a yellow plasma drop, ready for their next plasma donation.The future is exciting. It’s about blood, plasma, transplantation and beyond. 

Blood and Beyond — Strategy 2023 defines Lifeblood's future direction through three key pillars: business optimsation, customer experience and enhancing healthcare.

We’ll build on our strong foundations to make an even greater contribution to healthcare in Australia. 

Let's take a look at how we'll do it. 

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Business optimisation

We’ll continuously improve our operations across all product and service lines through our entire supply chain to deliver value for money to governments.

Customer experience

We’ll deliver exceptional experiences for our customers: our donors, health providers, clinicians, patients and our people.

Enhancing healthcare

We’ll invest in growth areas that will make a greater contribution to healthcare, secure Australian plasma and develop our genomics capabilities.

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Take a look at these key Lifeblood publications to see where we're going and where we've come from.

Blood and Beyond – Strategy 2023

Blood and Beyond – Strategy 2023 articulates what needs to be achieved so we can make an even greater contribution to healthcare in Australia.

Business plan

Our business plan shows how we deliver on the strategy. We have to look at what works and what doesn’t each year — because, as we've all learned, you can never know what the future holds.

Annual report

Each year, we lodge an annual report detailing our financial and performance information gathered over the financial year. Let's take a look at where we've come from.

Modern Slavery Statement

See how Lifeblood is committed to doing everything it can to reduce the risks of modern slavery in any of its forms, in line with the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth).

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Annual reports

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