About Lifeblood

Together, we’re Australia’s Lifeblood.

With the support of our donors, we’re here for all Australians. 

Our name has changed. Because more lives depend on us.

We're more than blood. We're Lifeblood, formerly the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. Our new name reflects all the different ways we support Australian lives - through blood, organ matching, tissue typing, donated breast milk and more.

We’re an organisation committed to providing life-giving essence to support the everyday wellbeing of all Australians. 

Our blood and organ donors are our lifeblood. They’re indispensable and vital to our ongoing existence. Without them we can’t deliver the essential services that are critical to the health of our nation. They inspire us to continually improve the healthcare system so we can not only sustain, but improve our world-class capability.

We’ll always be there for Australia. Not just by giving blood, but through our clinical excellence, commitment to education and our ongoing investment in research and development. We’re a team of experts who deliver safe, high quality products time and time again. We work tirelessly to develop innovative solutions; whether it be for blood, organ matching, tissue typing or donated breast milk. We’re here to support all Australians — from the youngest to the most vulnerable —when they need us.

We’re united through the power of humanity to build a healthier nation.

Still part of the Red Cross

While our name has changed from the Australian Red Cross Blood Service to Lifeblood, one thing isn’t changing: we’re still a division of the Australian Red Cross and subscribe fully to its humanitarian principles. Learn more about our purpose.

Donors are our lifeblood

What we do is only possible through the generous donations of almost half a million unpaid voluntary donors.

They’re incredible. They’re indispensable. Without them, we can’t deliver the essential services critical to the health of Australians. 

So if you are a donor, thank you. And if you aren’t, find out more.