Blood donation myths, busted.

Blood donation myths, busted.

When you’re a donor, you’re a bit of an expert on all things blood donation, but not everyone else is. Things can change over time, and that mate who thinks they know it all might find themselves mistaken, with the help of these easy to digest nuggets of donation information.

Tatts okay

Thought you couldn’t donate blood with tattoos? How 2023 of you . No, seriously though, you can donate plasma straight after getting inked and we recently changed the wait time to just seven days to donate blood post-tatt. Come on in, we know you’re unfazed by sharp objects.

Got the travel bug?

If you’re a jetsetter set on ticking every country off your travel list, it’s best to head over to our travel eligibility quiz. It’s a simple way to find out if you can donate plasma immediately or need to wait a bit to donate blood, or should give before you go.

Time is of the essence

We get it, there’s so much happening at once these days. Keeping up with the Kardash…I mean, with life is hard enough. What if we told you you’re in luck because you’re only in the donor chair for 10 minutes when you donate blood. That’s right, in the time it takes pasta to boil, you can save up to three lives. How’s that for instant gratification?

What’s your type? 

Many of our first-time donors aren’t equipped with their blood type knowledge. If you don’t already know your blood type, just book a donation. After your first donation, we can give you your answers and talk about the best donation for you to give next time. 

Age old question

For your safety, we have minimum and maximum ages in place. For first-timers, the minimum age to donate is 18, so add us to your list of things to do along with getting your driver’s license. The maximum age to donate depends on the type of donation and if you’ve donated before. For first-timers, we recommend under 75.

Can’t donate? Advocate

There are more ways to give back than just giving blood. Why not start by following us across socials? A simple share could be the reason someone else books a donation and saves up to three lives. Just search for @lifebloodau across all channels, hit that follow button and share our posts to help amplify our message to your networks.

We also have volunteer opportunities across our donor centres. Our vollies help ensure things run smoothly in donor centres, meet and chat with donors, and have a great time doing it.

Ready to donate? Or do you still need a gentle reminder that we offer a range of refreshments to help replenish your energy levels post-donation. Party pies anyone?

Whether it’s a special occasion or just another day in this rollercoaster called life, doing good for someone is as easy as booking a donation.