2020 recap

2020 recap

During devastating bushfires, a global pandemic and everything else in between, our donors continued to give up their valuable time and come into our donor centres to give the gift of life in 2020.

We collected more than 1.596 million donations across Australia in 2020, all while finding time to celebrate our donors and have fun along the way! 

Snack-off 2020

2020 recap infographic

We know our donors love snacks – it’s one of the best perks about donating (aside from giving life of course!). For donor safety we had to temporarily remove our party pies and sausage rolls, putting on hold the fierce rivalry between the two favourite snacks.

To reward our donors for their incredible efforts biccies and tea were still on the menu, with donors having more than 160,000 cups of tea and 280,000 biscuits in 2020!

Virtual thank-you & celebrations in a box

virtual thank you and celebrations in a box

Typically, World Blood Donor Day and National Blood Donor Week would be marked by events across Australia celebrating our incredible donor milestones. With restrictions in place and the safety of our staff and donors in mind, we still wanted to thank each of these donors personally. We just couldn’t do it in-person.

We delivered packed-up parties directly to every donor who hit a milestone donation from March 2019 to February 2020, complete with tea, a biccie and BIG thank you for their efforts. We raised a virtual cuppa to 12,389 milestone donors for their life-giving contributions over the last year.

Our donors showed their True Colours

a woman is smiling and posing her arm in a flex pose, on her elbow is a true colours bandage

In 2020 we teamed up with six incredible Australian artists to create one-of-a-kind bandage designs just for our donors. Donors could get wrapped in one of these bright and brilliant limited-edition bandages during October and November.

The artist-designed bandage was not only more fun and fashionable than a white one, but it made our incredible donors an eye-catching ambassador’s for blood donation.

Thank you to our donors

collage image of donors

Without our donors we wouldn’t be able to maintain one the safest blood supplies in the world. Our donors are truly the heartbeat of the nation, and for that we thank you!