Emily’s story of how donated blood saved her life twice

Emily’s story of how donated blood saved her life twice

The Hunter Family would like to thank our blood donors for their recent family outing to the zoo. 

Donors have saved Emily Hunter’s life twice, ensuring that she and her family can enjoy the simple pleasures of being together, including visiting the zoo with their two daughters.


Emily needed blood after the birth of each of her daughters

Like so many blood recipients, Emily wants blood donors to know the impact of their donation, beyond saving her life.

“My family and friends are all incredibly grateful for the blood donations that saved my life,” Emily said.

“I would not be here without those donations. I am a mum, wife, daughter, sister and friend. Those close to me know how lucky we are.”


She received her first 5 transfusions when she began to lose blood after the birth of her first child, Holly

She later woke in intensive care, her life saved by her amazing clinicians and by the blood given so generously by blood donors.

After seeking medical advice, Emily and her husband decided they would try for a second child.

“All of the medical professionals were very positive and felt that the risk was still relatively low. To counteract this risk, it was decided that we would have an elective caesarean section just before I was 39 weeks pregnant.”

But Millie, Emily’s second child, would not wait the full 39 weeks. “I went into spontaneous labour when I was 37 weeks pregnant,” Emily said. “We went straight to the hospital with the plan of going into theatre for a caesarean section.

Unfortunately, when we arrived at the hospital it was decided that the labour was progressing too fast and it would be safer for us to deliver naturally.” Millie arrived safely at 2.45am, but the fight for life now belonged to Emily alone.

“Just after Millie was born I began to haemorrhage,” Emily said. “I had a condition called placenta accrete and this meant that the placenta had adhered to my uterus causing it to be severely damaged during the birth. I was bleeding rapidly and was receiving lots of blood. In fact, I was bleeding faster than the blood could be put back in.”

“I was given a life-saving hysterectomy. It took the medical team hours to complete the procedure. Without blood transfusions they would not have been able to safely do this.”


In total, Emily needed 46 units of blood, platelets and plasma

An astounding amount of blood that, had it not been there, would surely have meant she may not, either.

“It has made me feel incredibly grateful to everyone that helped me, especially medical staff and donors,” she said. “Without those transfusions I would not be here to be a mother and a wife.”

“My mum began donating blood after my first baby was born and is now a regular donor. My best friend has also begun to donate blood after seeing the difference blood donors made to me. My husband is also preparing to make his first blood donation. I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to the wonderful people who donate blood. You have allowed my girls to keep their mum and my husband his wife. I am so extremely grateful that I get to be with my family because of such incredible generosity.”

“There are no words for how thankful I am, but again: thank you, thank you, thank you!”


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