Dear Donors: Robert Holloway's Story

Dear Donors: Robert Holloway's Story

When you look at Bob Holloway, you’ll see a 64-year old man who loves motorbikes, his family, and being outdoors. But there’s a lot you don’t see.

You don’t see the joy his grandkids bring him.

You don’t see the love he feels for his amazing wife and children.

And most importantly, you don’t see the gratitude he has for the countless donors who have made it possible.

Bob’s story starts with a trip to the doctor about some stomach pain.

The doctor diagnosed him with an issue with his intestines but ordered some blood tests — just in case. And it’s a relief he did.

“Three days later, I was admitted to hospital with advanced stages of leukaemia. If not treated, I had two weeks to live.”

Bob had put his fatigue down to age and had no idea he’d been fighting leukaemia for over three months.

His life changed… a lot.

Almost overnight, Bob went from counting down the days ‘til his first granddaughter’s birth to wondering if he’d meet her at all. He had to stop working. He had to sell his house and give away his pets to avoid potentially harmful bacteria. He couldn’t see his friends, and he was always trying to soothe his wife, Kelly’s, stress.

Bob went through chemotherapy, lumber punctures and a bone marrow transplant.

And on top of all of that, he received countless blood products.

“Only 5% of adult leukaemia patients survive and I was one of them.”

So, what does Bob have to say to his life-saving donors?

“I let them know that I now have the pleasure of living a life as a husband, a father and as a granddad.”

It’s been 8 years since Bob’s diagnosis, and he’s grateful for every day of it.

“With every bag of blood, I thanked that faceless hero.”

Bob’s Blood Angels

Nobody knows how important every blood donation is more than Bob.

“I was so grateful, I asked one of the nurses, how can I give something back? They said the best thing I could do is ask my friends and family to donate blood.”

So, he’s gone ahead and recruited about 300 people to give blood in his name. Bob’s Blood Angels come from far and wide, from all walks of life, but they all have one important thing in common.

They give life.

Want to help someone like Bob, too? Become a blood donor by booking online or call 13 14 95.