Casey’s support crew

Casey’s support crew

The need for blood never stops, and Casey’s story is a testament to all our wonderful donors who ensure a constant supply.

A Split-second Decision

For the first two months of Casey’s life, his mum Sam tried whatever she could to ease what she thought was a chronic case of reflux. However, when Casey’s symptoms and appearance suddenly changed at eight weeks old, the mum-of-two feared something else might have been the case.

Although she was assured by a local nurse that continuing to feed him would help, the second time she noticed a sudden change, she rushed him to the hospital. This split-second decision was the moment that saved Casey’s life.

Casey’s condition was more life-threatening than Sam could have imagined. A blood test showed his haemoglobin level was just 28, in comparison to a healthy baby’s level, which is around 120.

What followed was a life-saving blood transfusion, given just in time to avoid his body going into shock due to reducing haemoglobin levels.

photo of recipient casey sitting on a high chair wearing a red hoodie


Timely Transfusions

After almost a month, the doctors discovered Casey may have the rare genetic condition, Diamond Blackfan anemia, occurring in just seven out of every one million births.

Casey required 31 blood transfusions in just 18 months, and needs them once a month for the rest of his life. The energetic toddler takes this in stride, “I look at him and he’s the happiest little boy and so full of energy,” Sam says.

“It makes me sad that he has to go through all of this. He’s just so brave.”

On a positive note, Casey’s condition has not had an effect on his ability to live life as a toddler who loves to run and play. Sam is grateful, and happy that her son can remain healthy, thanks to the timely transfusions.

photo of recipient casey smiling and wearing a straw hat in front of some potplants


Casey’s Support Crew

Casey has his own Lifeblood Team called “Casey’s Support Crew”, created by Sam, where everyone is encouraged to show support by donating blood. As of December 2021, they were able to save 51 lives by way of blood and plasma donations, with a goal to consistently increase these numbers this year.

Join Casey’s Support Crew and make a life-giving donation today.