Lifeblood and Movember join forces for men’s health

Lifeblood and Movember join forces for men’s health

Australian Red Cross Lifeblood is uniting with global men’s health charity Movember this month to inspire millions of men across the country to donate blood or plasma.

Women outnumber men as blood and plasma donors in Australia despite the fact men* are more likely to be eligible to donate and make a successful donation.

To even the score, artist Travis Garone, who co-founded the Movember charity back in 2003 to help save men’s lives, has designed a limited-edition bandage that will be rolled onto the arms of blood and plasma donors throughout the month of November.

With Lifeblood research finding wearing blood donation bandages signals positive traits such as health and generosity, it’s hoped the bandage, which Garone has named Brothers in Arms, will spark important conversations and encourage men to donate.

“The moustache in November has always been a walking, talking billboard, a catalyst for conversation, and so the idea behind the Brothers in Arms bandage is that it will work in the same way,” Garone said.

“Men care about their health, and they do talk about it, but the volume is too low. By drawing attention to men’s health through the bandage, hopefully we can encourage more guys to have a conversation and donate blood, whether that's by themselves or with their mates. That is the ultimate outcome.

“There is a simplicity to growing a moustache, and there is a simplicity to donating blood. It’s a very simple act, and simple acts will change the world.”

The clever design features a thick, black, curled handle-bar moustache in the shape of two clasping hands on a cool blue backdrop.

“Having the two hands come together, I don't see that design as a handshake. I see it as helping each other. You're helping your friend, you're helping your brother, you're helping your mate as well,” he said.

Lifeblood Executive Director of Donor Experience Cath Stone said Lifeblood was thrilled to be working with Movember to achieve a common goal.

“We know that one in three men will need blood in their lifetime, but only one in 30 donates, which is too low,” she said.

“In particular, young men under 30 are 35% less likely to become blood donors than females of the same age, so this Movember we need more men to have a conversation, donate blood or plasma and support men’s health.

“Giving blood and plasma regularly is also a great way to get to know your own health while saving a life, with heart rate and blood pressure checks taken at each appointment.”

The Movember bandage is part of Lifeblood’s 2023 True Colours campaign. The campaign sees Lifeblood partner with Australian artists and designers to create limited-edition bandages to help boost blood donations while ensuring donors look and feel great while donating.

The Movember bandages will be available at Lifeblood donor centres nationwide from 1 November while stocks last.

To book a donation, call 13 14 95, visit, or download the free Donate Blood app.

*Due to pregnancy, breastfeeding and increased incidence of low iron levels or low body weight