ABDS - Frequently asked questions

ABDS - Frequently asked questions

I couldn’t provide a sample when I was at a donor centre and now I can’t donate, can I still be part of the study?

Yes. The blood samples are just one part of the study. The survey information is also vital, so we’ll keep sending you surveys and we’d love it if you could take some time to complete them. We have a number of projects that will use just your survey responses.

When will I receive the next survey?

Some of you will receive your second survey after your next trip to a donor centre. Others will be up to your first 12-month follow-up survey. We’ll keep sending surveys out every 12 months for up to three years.

Why wasn’t a sample collected at my last appointment?

There can be several reasons for this. Your health is important to us, so the normal testing Lifeblood does takes precedence over research samples. But, don't worry, we’ll try to collect a sample on your next visit if we’re still collecting from your centre.