Recall of blood components

Lifeblood receives post-donation information with relevance to recipient safety including:

  • the diagnosis of a potential transfusion-transmissible infection (TTI) in a donor via internal or external testing
  • a clinical history suggestive of a potential TTI in a donor 
  • a donor reporting a previously undisclosed risk factor for a TTI that occurred prior to donation, and
  • a donor reporting a previously undisclosed teratogenic medication or vaccination that was administered prior to a donation. 

When fresh blood components presenting a significantly increased risk of harm to the recipient have been transfused, Lifeblood has a duty of care to notify the patient’s clinician.
It is the clinician's decision to notify the transfused recipient and- determine what actions, if any, to perform for their patient. Lifeblood can provide advice if needed for specific circumstances.

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