Do donors or staff need to wear face masks in the donor centres?

We are following public health advice on wearing masks in all states:

Victoria: In line with the Victorian government restrictions following the current outbreak, masks are required in all donor centres in Victoria from 27 May 2021. For further information please see the Victorian section.

NSW: Because of the community transmission risk in NSW, masks have been introduced in all NSW donor centres in line with the government mandate. Please see further information in the NSW section.

WA: As at 12th July the requirement to wear face masks have been removed for  donor centres in the Perth and Peel regions  in line with government restrictions easing. Please see further information in the Western Australia section.

NT: As at the 1st September in line with the removal of restrictions, face masks are no longer mandated. Please see further information in the Northern Territory section.

ACT: From the 12th August face masks are now required when donating blood in line with increased restrictions introduced by the ACT government. Please see further information in the Australian Capital Territory section

Queensland: In line with government restrictions, masks are required in donor centres in the following Queensland local government areas:  Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Logan, Redlands, Morton, Brisbane, Gold Coast, the Scenic Rim, Lockyer Valley and Somerset. Please see further information in the Queensland section.

SA: In line with government recommendations for indoor face masks from 28 June, masks have been introduced in all donor centres in South Australia. Please see further information in the South Australian section.

TAS: From the 22nd October face masks are no longer required in Hobart Donor Centre. Please see further information in the Tasmanian section.

Please note because of the reduced ability to physically distance in mobiles, staff and donors must wear a face mask when donating at a mobile blood donation centre in all states. 

Donor centres aren’t medical care facilities and donors and staff members need to be healthy and well to donate or work, so we’re following the general government guidelines for use. 

Australian Government advice states that in Australia the routine use of face masks in the community is currently not recommended while the rate of community transmission of COVID-19 is low. Generally, this means where there is no community transmission face masks are not required.

However, in times of increased risk state and territory governments may introduce extra restrictions, which Lifeblood follows.