Lifeblood Gifts

Join our exciting rewards program for donors

You’ve helped us save lives and we are so grateful for your ongoing support – it’s why we’ve created Lifeblood Gifts.

It’s our way of recognising the contributions of our donors and keeping that post-donation buzz going.

How does Lifeblood Gifts work?

  1. Sign up here to be part of the program and to make sure every one of your donations count.
  2. For every third donation (regardless of donation type), you can choose a gift to take home!
  3. Once you’ve redeemed a gift, your Gift status resets again and you can give, receive, repeat!

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What goodies can I redeem?

Stainless steel bottle
a dark red stainless steel water bottle
Reusable takeaway cup
a reusable takeaway cup in dark red
Warm beanie
a beanie in light and dark red colours
Donor cap
a red cap with blood donor for life written on it
Cosy blanket
a red blanket

Don't miss out on your rewards!

illustration of a party popper with streamers
Stay tuned for exclusive drops
We’ll be releasing a series of limited, short-term special items to collect, so keep an eye out for them.
illustration of two people standing next to a large red blood droplet symbol
More donations, more goodies
There is no limit on the number of gifts you can claim. The more you donate, the more gifts you can redeem.
map of the globe
Keeping it kind to earth
Our Gifts are made from sustainable materials, and we've included drink bottles & travel mugs to help reduce the use of single-use plastic.
illustration of a man on a skateboard holding a phone with a red blood droplet symbol on it
Show off your rewards
We love seeing your videos and snaps. Share your ‘unboxing’ moments with us at: @lifebloodau #lifebloodau

Frequently asked questions

When did Lifeblood Gifts first launch?

Lifeblood Gifts first launched in 2023 to improve how we recognise our donors. About 92,000 donors signed up for the trial program and shared their feedback with us, which helped us create our new Lifeblood Gifts.

What is the new Lifeblood Gifts?

After our trial program last year, we took on the feedback from our donors so we could plan the future of our loyalty and recognition program. We wanted to make it bigger and better for you, which is why we’ve launched our 2024 program.

How do I know if I’m opted in?

Simply click here to log in and check that your Lifeblood Gifts opt in is set to Yes. If you’re having any issues with signing up, contact us and we’ll help you out.

What were some of the feedback from the trial program?

We received lots of wonderful feedback from many of you who participated and the key issues that were raised included:

Wait times: Donors had to wait too long for their rewards to be delivered to them. It’s why we’ve introduced a gift redemption system in donor centres.

Sustainability: Our donors give life and are kind to Mother Nature – what a combination! That’s why our items this year have an even greater focus on sustainability. We’ve also selected items that help reduce the use of single-use plastics.

It’s too hard to choose from the amazing set of gifts! What are my options?

We hear you! If you can’t decide at the moment, you can always skip choosing a gift at your eligible donation and get it the next time you donate. We also love dropping a few surprises, so keep an eye out for limited-edition items too!

I have more questions and/or feedback. Who can I contact?

We’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to us here.

Read the Lifeblood Gifts Terms and Conditions